HGN Core Values


Vision: What we aspire to be

A vibrant historic urban neighborhood of individuals, families, and businesses living and working together while sharing values about community and quality of life.

Core Values: The fundamental principles that guide us

Mission: How we plan to get there

Create a proactive sustainable engagement of the entire community to embrace a vision of cherishing, protecting, and preserving the neighborhood’s core values.

Quality of life

Caring about the physical, social, and emotional well-being of this neighborhood and all of its residents by supporting and sustaining a deeply-ingrained culture of community involvement.


Cultivating a friendly culture of community that welcomes people with diverse voices and viewpoints to shape and guide this neighborhood’s future.

Neighborhood Integrity

Preserving and enhancing its historic and architectural character while promoting new development that complements the old.

Collaboration through Communication

Using all available communication strategies to promote relationships and create an informed and involved citizen base.


Championing all elements of environmental stewardship across the boundaries of this neighborhood.


Richard Audet | President

Richard Audet has lived in Germantown for 11 years and served as HGN President for three of them. He is a retired professor who specialized in science education. His record of public service, spanning more than twenty years, has always focused on local community enhancement.



Bill Shick | Vice President

Bill Shick has been an HGN Board member since 2014 and is the current Vice-President. He is finishing his term and will rotate off the Board for 2019.




Andrew Sherrod has been a small business owner in Germantown for the past five years. He says that is was the unique residential/business relationship that exists within the neighborhood that drew him to open a business here.



CHRIS CORBY | Treasurer

Chris and his wife, Mary, moved from the suburbs to Germantown Commons in 2015.  Chris is the owner of a small business and has a background in small business and financial management, as well as in non-profit management.